Senior PHP Developer

Job description

Our Company manages wide range of projects on different frameworks: simple landing pages in Yii, Joomla or Drupal, various CRM systems based on Laravel and Symfony 2.

In our main projects (further, it will be implemented for other projects) we have: CI, full coverage of functional tests (behat), automatic deployment (push in staging automatically updates the staging server, push in master automatically updates the production), TDD using phpspec, automatic servers configuration (all configurations and script deps are parts of the project, and all of them are stored along with the GIT project and is used in all environment deployment, including production.

We are looking for an experienced and motivated person to join our team who does not like to write business logic in the controller, who likes and appreciates refactoring and automated tests as a tool to speed up the development process.

This is an excellent career path, as you will be capable to make high-level business decisions alongside other developers within a project team and also to manage and deliver projects of your own.


  • 5+ years programming experience
  • Deep OOP understanding
  • PHP, SQL
  • GIT
  • To be able read and write in English.

The following skills are encouraged:

  • Working experience with various auto-tests
  • Practical knowledge of Symfony 2, Postgres
  • To be able speak English

Our proposition

We offer you good career development in a team of professionals with worthy salary, convenient and comfortable office location.